Featured Artists

Artistic Images is proud to present an online portfolio of some of the most outstanding artists with which we have had the pleasure to work. The following pages contain samples of work typical of each artist. Bear in mind that the pieces you see on these pages may or may not still be available. Also, the photography was made on-site within our store rather than at a photography studio. Therefore, the images you see on this website in many cases does not do justice to the quality of the art. These pages are designed to show you a sample – to get the full impact of these works, we strongly encourage you to visit our main store and see the artwork in person.

  • Black Glass (RB Black)
  • Nan Cunningham
  • Margaret Fischer Dukeman
  • Armor Keller
  • Ed Starnes
  • Kathryn Lansing Vaughn
  • Pamela Watters